About ConTrace

What It Is

  ConTrace Proximity Tracker is a simple and immediate way to detect and alert people who have been in close proximity to a disease carrier, 


  ConTrace is like a personal 'Black Box Flight Recorder' that runs on smart phones and devices. Except instead of logging flight data, it silently, securely and anonymously logs our 'proximity events' as we go about our lives, and uploads them to a secure server. A proximity event is an instance where two people – more specifically their devices - are in close contact. Say on the bus, in a meeting or restaurant. Proximity parameters can be set for each disease depending on contagiousness, and can be fine-tuned as we learn more about safe distances.

What It *Isn't*

  ConTrace Proximity Tracker is  NOT affiliated with 

"CONTRACE Public Health Corps" (https://www.contrace.org/)

Based on their website, CONTRACE Public Health Corps is involved in 

identifying, screening & training individuals interested in working 

or volunteering as contact tracers. 

We are NOT affiliated with CONTRACE Public Health Corps in any way.

How it Works

 ConTrace automates the slow, manual, process of contact tracing.  

As soon as a ConTrace user reports to hospital or screening centre and their tests show positive for a communicable disease such as Coronavirus, ConTrace is notified and the user's details are uploaded. The ConTrace database automatically 'walks back' or retraces their Proximity Event records, starting from the present day, and automatic alerts are generated to all relevant ConTrace users. 


 BLE records real-time, actionable data.

ConTrace uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to silently record 'proximity events' in real-time as a user goes about their day. On a confirmed report of a communicable disease, ConTrace will instantly alert any ConTrace users who have been in contact with the patient, providing clear directions on symptoms and the nearest screening facility. This allows pre-symptomatic carriers to: 

(1) be diagnosed & treated quickly and (2) avoid spreading the disease to others. 

Automated Redundant Prospective Contact Tracing

 For ConTrace, privacy and anonymity are paramount

Users need enter no personal information whatsoever. On registration each user is allocated a randomly generated ID number, which is the only thing about them that is recorded in a proximity event. Each user's Proximity Event records are 

automatically deleted after 21 days.

A Working Prototype is Ready for Demo!

 ConTrace  announces working prototype

The ConTrace development team is pleased to release a working prototype that is totally anonymous and privacy-protecting. We are working around the clock pro bono and are currently seeking funding to fast-track further development for the introduction of new features designed to increase user engagement. We will update this page as we progress. In the meantime please contact us with any enquiries.